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Within this community, we want to explore and create ways to raise awareness of the overarching role our culture of eternal economic and population growth plays in contributing to our planet's environment decay. We are helping the world accept and act on the reality of limits to economic and population growth. Together, we want to create a shared resource library so we can ALL be more active & effective activists. Mission : * develop and provide whatever sustainability and population activists need, * be a place to exchange ideas, share information, and resources, * effectively help activists foster needed changes throughout the the world, * host a repository of refined, polished work Our People : * want to explore and create ways to raise awareness, * develop solutions , * effectively engage others in a meaningful way Consider joining a Subgroup ( ) that interests you so you can accomplish a specific task. We will add groups as the community deems fit. How to: * Kindly keep *replies* to a message thread on topic * If you want to change the subject OR start a new conversation, start a new thread by clicking " New topic ( ).” This begins a new Messages ( ) thread. * Please use hashtags ( ) to keep things organized To enjoyable, informative sharing, creation, and discussions. Enjoy! Your moderators, Dave Gardner, Mike Hanauer, & Nicole Chau
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  • Dave for President
    Dave Gardner ran as a GrowthBuster for Colorado Springs City Council in 2009 (chronicled in the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth). Maybe it’s time for Dave to run for U.S. President. At the national level, we’re nowhere close to getting informed and rational public policy related to limits to growth. A candidacy with an exemplary platform might help to alert and educate the public (as well as journalists and policymakers). This team will put together a model platform, which could be used far beyond what would probably be a tongue-in-cheek parody campaign. This team will determine the best candidate and running mate (Dave may not the best choice for this), plan the campaign, and eventually perhaps help run the campaign. We could also recommend the platform we develop to other candidates. Video and digital campaign ads could be fun ways to raise awareness of the critical issues. With some skill and some luck, these could be taken up for discussion by pundits during the campaign.
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  • PSA Project
    This team is developing concepts and scripts, and then working to produce short YouTube videos that can be aired as public service announcements. Hopefully, they will be shared widely, to help spread awareness of overshoot and its solutions, and inspire the cultural and behavioral shift required.
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